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  Biological Safety

The key principle of Biological Safety ("biosafety") is the protection of workers from the hazards created by working with microorganisms. This is achieved by the implementation of safe laboratory operating procedures. We can assist in the attainment of this goal by the provision of training and advice on:

  • Aerosols - their generation in the laboratory and how to protect against them
  • The different types of Biological Safety Cabinets and related devices and how to use them correctly - view DVD cover
  • Hazardous laboratory procedures
  • Correct Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), particularly respiratory protection
  • Risk Groups of microorganisms and what is required to work safely with each group
  • Gene Technology work
  • Decontamination, disinfection, treatment and disposal of microbiological waste
  • Handling microbiological incidents
  • Working safely with human tissues and body fluids
  • Safe handling of animals, including Laboratory Animal Allergies

for more information on Biosafety please follow the link to our Biosafety resources

Examples of our biosafety work are:


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