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Biosafety and Biocontainment Inspections of PC2 Laboratories

We have extensive expertise in the assessment of PC2 laboratories according to the requirements of the Australian Standard for microbiological laboratory safety. We are also familiar with the requirements of other national microbiological standards and legislation. The inspection assesses work methods, laboratory facilities and operation.

By conducting assessments of laboratories, based on relevant Standards and good practice, we are able to provide recommendations to improve the safe operation of these facilities, ensuring the integrity of the laboratory, the safety of staff and protection of the environment.

Biosafety and Biocontainment Inspections of PC3 and PC4 Laboratories

In high containment level laboratories, there is a need to assess both the biosafety and biocontainment aspects of the facilities.

Biosafety inspections include assessment of work methods, equipment and techniques to ensure safety of laboratory workers and protection of the environment.

Biocontainment Inspections address the general design, construction and operational aspects of the laboratory. This includes verifying that HEPA filters are correctly tested, assessing the overall integrity of the structure of the walss and fittings that provide the containment, and the procedures used by staff when working in the laboratory.

We have access to biocontainment engineers who can assess the details of the engineering aspects of the biocontainment laboratories should this be required.


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