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Projects - NSW
  2009 - 2011 Elizabeth Macarthur Agricultural Institute (EMAI) EMAI

"Consultants to Industry & Investment NSW (Primary Industries) for Peer Review of Design & Construction of the Biosecurity Upgrade to Elizabeth Macarthur Agricultural Institute (EMAI), Camden"

The NSW Department of Primary Industries is upgrading the laboratory facilities at Elizabeth Macarthur Agricultural Institute (EMAI) at Menangle in order to address serious non-compliance issues found in a Third Party AQIS Assessor Report that they commissioned (and supplied to Bio2ic). A user needs report was prepared by GHD and this, with the Project Definition Report, described the project to upgrade the biocontainment facilities at EMAI.

Dr Della-Porta’s roles are management and co-ordination of the project for Bio2ic, provision of expertise in the design and function of the proposed facilities from a biosafety and biocontainment point of view. Mr Walls’ roles include detailed engineering review of all drawings, including mechanical, electrical and hydraulic and provision of advice regarding compliance with laboratory safety and design standards, with AQIS and OGTR regulations and with other Standards and Regulations as will be determined at the concept review stage.

Both have been involed in review of the scientific functions of the facility, risk assessment and work flow analysis and construction review at 50% and 80% of construction, if required.  They will also jointly perform the completion assessment and provide the client with an appropriate compliance report. Expected completion is November 2011.

Bio2ic provided an in-house tailored Design & Construction of Biocontainment Facilities training course for staff involved in the project. Also PC3 training for staff who will work in the new facilities

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