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Projects - Victoria
  2009 - 2010 Peter Doherty Institute (PDI) Artists Impression of the Peter Doherty Institute

"Consultant to Grimshaw Architects for preparation of a strategic brief for the Peter Doherty Institute for Immunity and Infection, University of Melbourne"

Bio2ic was engaged to provide support for developing the Strategic Brief, and in particular the functional and performance requirements for laboratories, associated support spaces, and services or equipment required for those spaces. The additional services Bio2ic provided are:

  • Held workshops with stakeholders to determine the facility requirements
  • Reported findings from workshops, including risks and containment requirements
  • Contributing to and reviewing the technical and operational brief for the laboratories
  • Developing laboratory servicing requirements, including possible ESD initiatives
  • Providing advice to rationalise the brief with specific regard to the laboratories and associated spaces
  • Attended progress and final presentations to the stakeholders and client
  • We also provided a series of inspections at crucial points during the construction to ensure Quality is maintained in the process, with an aim to minimise failures of the constructed facilities. This would include an inspection at the completion of the area testing to confirm the facility is "fit for purpose" and a report confirming the inspections.

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