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  2008 PathWest Stage 1 Pathology Building, Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Perth

"Consultants to JCY Architects and Urban Designers"

After conducting an initial workshop with the key users of the proposed facility we determined what research would be carried out in the institute, what techniques and equipment would be used, whether animal work was to be involved and possible requirements over the next 10 years.

Using this information and further consultation with the key users, we provided a report to function as a brief for the design team of architects and engineers. We then conducted a review of the documentation before it went out to tender and made recommendations to ensure the design would meet the standards and regulations of AS/NZS2243.3:2002, AQIS and OGTR.

Bio2ic provided a specialist briefing to contractors to ensure they understood the detailed requirements and the need for quality work, and followed up with inspections at various stages of construction.

During this period of construction, we assisted the users in developing their Operations and Safety Manual.

Finally, during the commissioning and hand over, we witnessed commissioning tests to again ensure compliance with the relevant standards and regulations.

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