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Projects - Hong Kong
  2003 Department of Microbiology, University of Hong Kong

Features of the HKURCEID - The Laboratories

Entry to the facility is through an airlock that doubles as a shower exit (Fig.1). Staff change into laboratory clothes on entry and remove them before showering out of the facilities.

The airlock represents a -50Pa pressure drop and the central corridor is at -100Pa. The two laboratories come off the central corridor and have a negative air-flow from the corridor creating a relative negative pressure in the laboratories of around -140Pa.

One laboratory has Class II Biological Safety Cabinets (Fig.2), ducted services and movable under-bench cupboards (Fig.3). The other laboratory has both Class I and Class II Biological Safety Cabinets (Fig.4).

Staff don laboratory gowns (solid fronted, back opening) when entering laboratories. They remove their gowns on exit and wash their hands.

There is a separate clean room for the laboratory staff to write up their results and to communicate using computers and multi-functional devices (Fig.5). This is because paper cannot be removed from the facility without being sterilised.

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HKU Shower Room HKU Laboratory Formation HKU Lab 2 HKU Class I and II BSC's HKU Write Up Room
Figure 1
Shower room
Figure 2
Laboratory 2 with class II BSC's
Figure 3
Laboratory formation
Figure 4
Laboratory with class I & II BSCs
Figure 5
Write up room


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