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Projects - Hong Kong
  2005 Queen Mary Hospital, University of Hong Kong Queen MAry Hospital

"Consultant to Tysan Project Management for the design and construction of a BSL-3 laboratory in the Pathology Department, The University of Hong Kong, University Pathology Building, Queen Mary Hospital Compound, Pokfulam Road, Hong Kong"

Bio2ic provided consulting services to Tysan and helped to ensure all of the operating procedures were running smoothly and safely.
We provided standards for testing of the HEPA filters, provision of detailed commissioning plans and PPE details, Provision of revised HKURCEID Safety & Operations manual, Set up a decontamination using formaldehyde, ran autoclaving tests. Reviewed the formaldehyde decontamination, autoclave test and spore strips.
Set up decontamination of the animal room 3 and evaluated results.

Checked on the emergency procedures for using ammonia gas, reviewed entry and exit procedures and removal of specimens and lectured to staff on the handling of spills and infectious substances

Features of the Pathology Department at Queen Mary Hospital

The Department of Microbiology undertakes research on emerging infections with a particular emphasis on those relevant to this region. Key areas of current research include those on influenza, Penicillium marneffei, antibiotic resistance and HIV/AIDS. Its scope encompasses both basic and applied research and covers aspects from microbial genomics, evolution and pathogenesis to epidemiology, diagnosis and clinical management of infectious disease. The laboratory is well equipped with facilities ranging from genome sequencing to PC3 level containment.

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