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  Biosafety Issues

Association of Biosafety for Australia & New Zealand (ABSANZ) 2nd Annual Conference
Brisbane, 29 October - 2 November 2012
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Transport of Infectious Substances

Guidance Document www.iata.org/whatwedo/cargo/dangerous_goods - view website
2012 Dangerous Goods Manual (53rd Edition) - view website

Training and Human Resources Development for Microbiological Containment Laboratories
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Gaseous Decontamination Summary Slides - view slideshow

The Effectiveness of Gaseous Formaldehyde Decontamination Assessed by Biological Monitoring - view document

Safety Symbols for the Biosafety Laboratory

The following folders contain templates for a range of biosafety and related symbols, as well as a larger template for multiple symbols for signage for laboratory doors. The templates are in printable styles that can be readily printed and laminated before placing on doors. There are also Corel Draw templates that you can modify to place the appropriate language details on the signs.

The large multiple signage layouts have diamond shapes on them for putting on Hazmat signs, which can be purchased from commercial suppliers of safety materials.

Australian Biosafety Signage

International Biosafety Signage

US Signage

General Singage

Corel Draw Masters Files

Biosecurity & Biosafety for Microbiologists Volume 29, No. 2 May 2008


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