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  Biological Security

Biological Security ("Biosecurity") relates to those procedures aimed at preventing the intentional release of microorganisms into the community, including animals or plants. It includes the procedures necessary to ensure high risk microorganisms are not removed from microbiological laboratories. The threat of bioterrorism in the present political climate has contributed to growing concerns about biosecurity.

Bio2ic provides biosecurity advice to ensure countries can be best prepared for any bioterrorist activity, including preventing the spread of any biological weapons and preparing for diagnosis and response to the use of biological agents.

Bio2ic has provided advice for First Responders, preparing guidelines and procedures, and contributed to national committees to ensure guidelines are in place for effective handling of any suspected biosecurity threats. We have also been involved in the development of draft Standards for Security-sensitive Biological Agents for the Australian Department of Health and Ageing.

We have been involved in assessing Australia and New Zealand's current diagnostic capabilities and recommending the steps required to be prepared for any bioterrorist incident.

for more information on Biosecurity please follow the link to our Biosecurity resources

Examples of our biosecurity work are:


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